Plan Review

About the Plan Review Process

In the plan review process, a Fire Protection Analyst evaluates a site's accessibility for the general public and emergency vehicles, as well as fire hydrant location and building construction (new and renovation). He or she then checks for an occupancy's compliance with the Life Safety Code, the Georgia Accessibility Code, the State Fire Codes, and any other applicable city ordinances.

The Fire Marshal's office also reviews the plans and calculations for fire alarm, fire sprinkler, and alternative fire protection systems in commercial and residential applications; fire protection systems must be permitted separately from the main building permit (see the City of Marietta Sprinkler Ordinance for details).


Do you issue limited work permits?

A- Yes. Any time any work is done on a fire protection system in Marietta, a limited work permit must be issued. These permits are free of charge, and only require a scope of work letter to obtain.

What work can I do on a limited work permit?

A- Up to 4 fire alarm initiating and/or notification devices on a system or up to 5 sprinkler head add or relocates. Limited work permits are issued for either sprinkler work or fire alarm work.

Fire Sprinkler/Alarm- I’m planning to do work. What is the submittal requirement?

1. Up to 5 sprinklers or Up to 4 SLC or NAC appliances – Limited Work Permit

2. 6-20 sprinklers– Permit application and Plans

3. More than 20 sprinklers– full submittal with application, plans, and hydraulic calculations

How can I find the Georgia Minimum Fire Safety Standards?

A- You can visit the GA State Fire Marshal’s website at State Fire Marshal's Rules and Regulations.